Ad Adapted

Rajesh is a real joy to work with. He is that rare mix of highly technical, and a fantastic communicator. He is mature and capable of owning things and getting tasks done without supervision and always raises flags when appropriate.

As Rajesh’s boss, he constantly challenged me to answer specifics about the plans we were implementing. He was quick to bring issues to my attention that younger, less experienced developers might not have shared with their manager. His written documentation skills and ability to design on paper (for collaborative review) are on par with his verbal skills – fantastic.

I miss working with Rajesh and would work with him again if I had the opportunity

A. Brooks Hollar
A. Brooks Hollar
Director of Engineering at Ad Adapted


For approximately the past twelve months, I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of Mr. Rajesh Chawla and Mrs. Theresa Chawla to develop software as part of a new network management system for Alcatel’s 1100 High Speed Switch. During this time both Rajesh and Theresa demonstrated a high level of competency in the technical aspects of UNIX, X-Windows, and C language design and development.

If given the future opportunity to do so, I would retain the services of Rajesh and Theresa without hesitation.

Frank Kistner
Director, Software Development


Xerox Engineering Systems

I used the services of TRCS for several years while I was a development manager at Xerox Engineering Systems. TRCS
displayed considerable technical expertise in the areas of COM/DCOM, Java, JavaScript, Unix, C, Oracle, and web based development. TRCS has worked on a variety of projects for us including Oracle upgrades, creating Java libraries, and creating a web front end for our product, the Xerox Virtual Printroom.

TRCS always displayed a mature professional attitude, were 100%
reliable and I would not hesitate to hire them again. I recommend them highly.

Russ Olsen
Development Manger at Xerox Engineering Systems

Globals One

I have had the opportunity to work with Rajesh Chawla of TRCS in my position as supervisor at Global One. Rajesh worked on a project to auto provision global data network switches. The application was developed using a three-tier architecture. Rajesh provided support on the middle tier (Oracle Application Server) utilizing JAVA and Jcorba to interface between the first tier (user interface) and the third tier (database tier). Rajesh demonstrated excellent technical capabilities in many areas. He has excellent knowledge and experience on many platforms and many programming languages as well as operating systems. I would not hesitate to hire him again and would recommend him highly for any technical position.

Vijaya Polavarapu
Configuration Automation Group
Global One
Herndon, VA